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Choose from the following collection of books to learn about JavaServer Faces straight from the source. All of these books have an author or co-author who sits on the JSF Expert Group (EG), thus offering a unique insight into the reasons and decisions behind the design of the technology. You can find a link to additional books at the bottom of the page.

JavaServer Faces 2.0, The Complete Reference

JavaServer Faces 2.0, The Complete Reference

By Ed Burns (JSR-314 co-spec lead) with Neil Griffin (JSR-314 EG member), published by McGraw-Hill

Fully revised and updated for all of the massive changes in JavaServer Faces 2.0, this bestselling guide covers every aspect of the web application architecture of the future. JavaServer Faces 2.0: The Complete Reference explains in full detail how to deliver feature-rich, cross-browser Internet applications. This comprehensive resource begins with a fast-paced introduction so you can get your first JSF application up and running quickly. Then, each aspect of JSF is examined in depth, including the request processing lifecycle, page navigation, component development, Ajax, validation, internationalization, and security. A complete sample JSF application is easily used as a model for building custom applications with all source code available for download.

  • ISBN-10:0071625097
  • ISBN-13:978-0071625098
Core JavaServer Faces (3rd Edition)

Core JavaServer Faces (3rd Edition)

By David Geary (JSR-314 EG member) and Cay S. Horstmann, published by McGraw-Hill

The #1 guide to rapid user interface development with JSF - now fully updated for the powerful new JSF 2.0! * Authored by two of the world's most respected Java experts. * Shows web developers how to automate low-level details, eliminate unnecessary complexity in server-side development,and write superior JSF 2.0 production code. * Systematically covers JSF 2.0's powerful Ajax support, open source innovations, and new feature set.

  • ISBN-10:0137012896
  • ISBN-13:978-0137012893
Seam in Action

Seam in Action

By Dan Allen (JSR-314 EG member), published by Manning

Offers an objective and in-depth look at Seam, an integration framework that combines many aspects of Java EE, corrects shortcomings in its technologies (JSF, EJB, JPA) and fills in gaps where they interface, all while reducing the platform's complexity. This feat is achieved through a consistent use of stateful components, annotations, the EL, and XHTML-based templates, giving you maximum distance out of every keystroke. As you advance through this book, you'll find your application and understanding of enterprise Java mature quickly as you master technologies you thought you'd never have time to learn. This book has historical significance because it helped to identify many of the shortcomings in JSF 1.2 that Seam addressed and explained the reasoning behind several of the features that were introduced into JSF 2.0, most notably view parameters, conditional navigation and bookmarkable links.

  • ISBN-10:1933988401
  • ISBN-13:978-1933988405

There are many other books on JSF available. For a complete listing of books about JSF, UI component libraries and extension frameworks, consult the JSF Central book catalog.

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