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JavaServer Faces (JSF) is governed by an Expert Group (EG) that operates under the Java Community Process (JCP) and represents the community of JSF developers and component vendors. The EG works on JSF within the context of a Java Specification Request (JSR). The current iteration of the JSF specification is JSR-314, otherwise known as JSF 2.

The specification defines the API, a standard UI component set and the TCK. It does not include specific implementation details. That is a freedom that is granted to anyone wanting to implement the specification.

The mailing list of record for JSF 2.0 Expert Group discussions is To join this list in a read-only mode, please send an email to with subscribe jsr-314-open as the Subject.   See the section below on “The Extended EG” for the path to write access to this list.

The Expert Group

JSR-314 is led by the following two individuals:

  • Ed Burns - Oracle Corporation (formerly representing Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
  • Roger Kitain - Oracle Corporation (formerly representing Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

The following is a list of the current members of the JSR-314 EG, as defined on this page (displayed in alphabetical order by company or last name). More specific details are provide here to show the names of company representatives. Individuals are highlighted in bold. (This list is still being reconciled. Please e-mail if you notice an error, or you are a member whose name is not listed here).

  • Apache Software Foundation
    • Martin Marinschek
  • BEA Systems
  • CA, Inc.
  • Cagatay Civici
  • Jim Driscoll (formerly representing Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
  • Ericsson AB
  • Exadel, Inc.
    • Alex Smirnov
    • Nick Belaevski
  • John Fallows
  • Fujitsu Limited
    • Simon Lessard
    • Takahide Matsutsuka
  • David Geary
  • Richard Hightower
  • IBM
    • Stephen Kenna
  • Icesoft Technologies Inc
    • Ted Goddard
  • ILOG
  • Infragistics, Inc
  • Jonas Jacobi
  • Jason Lee
  • Liferay, Inc
    • Neil Griffin
  • Kito Mann
  • Kumara Swamy Mettu
  • Oracle Corporation
    • Michael Freedman
    • Andy Schwartz
    • Ken Paulsen (formerly representing Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
  • RedHat, Inc.
    • Dan Allen
    • Lincoln Baxter, III
  • SAP AG
  • Vinicius Senger
  • Igor Shabalov
  • Bernhard Slominski
  • VMWare
    • Keith Donald (formerly representing SpringSource)
    • Jeremy Grelle (formerly representing SpringSource)

Extended EG

An important group to the JSF specification are the members of the implementation teams, component library creators and extension writers. While some of the individuals in this group sit on the EG, others are not. Regardless, their input is valuable to improving the specification. While they do not have the responsibility of participating in the expert group, their unique expertise can help drive design decisions. Therefore, they are considered part of the extended expert group (EEG) and are granted permission to post to the design list (jsr-314-open).

This priviledge is not intented to exclude general community members, but rather to keep the discussions on the list focused. Any member of the JSF community can post to jsr-314-public, which is the open forum for discussion of the JSF specification.

Below is a list of the extended EG.

  • Jay Balunas - Red Hat, Inc.
  • Cay Horstmann
  • Gavin King - Red Hat, Inc.
  • Ganesh Jung
  • Pete Muir - Red Hat, Inc.
  • Blake Sullivan - Oracle Corporation
  • Leonardo Uribe
  • Matthias Wessendorf - Apache Software Foundation / Oracle Corporation
  • …you?

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